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Each border set consists of a background, six basic buttons (back, next, home, email, about me, links), a divider bar, a guestbook graphic, and a matching Webbnutt logo button. Left-click on the category button to view choices.

To save: Left-click preview button to view entire set. Right-click on each graphic including the background, and "save as" to your hard drive.

Tip: When using border backgrounds it's best to create a simple table. You can use the code below for most of the sets in this collection. This table format will prevent your text from spreading over the border. Right-click to highlight the code, then left-click and copy. Paste to your notepad or other html editor. Place this code immediately after your "body" tags.

* For wider borders, change "td width" percentages to 25% and 75%. *

Code for Left Border Table

<table width=100%><tr>
<td width=15%></td>
<td width=85%>Your Page Content Here</td>

Websets are divided by category below. Click on link for previews. A new window will open.
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New! Classics
Sets featuring art by Classic painters.
Floral Gems & Jewels Pets & Animals
Memorial By The Sea Scenic
Women Reds Blues
Greens Purples Blacks & Whites
Special Occasions Simple Themes Holiday

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