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Terms of Use

Use of any of my linkware implies

that you agree to these terms of service.

1. ALL graphics on this site are linkware.Please give credit where credit is due on the same page. Link to this url:


2. DO Not alter my graphics in any way.

3. Do Not use my graphics to create other graphics.

4. Do Not use any of my graphics for ANY commercial efforts.

5. Do Not use any of my graphics in any collections online or off.

6. Do Not link directly to the images on this site. Web TV users: please use a Web TV Transloader service.

7. Do NOT use any graphic images on this site for any website containing pornography, hate, or violence of any kind. Doing so will subject you to immediate infringement actions. I will not have my work associated with such sites.

8. If you use my graphics, I would appreciate an email. This is not a requirement, just a request.

          Give Credit

Thank you for taking the time to read my terms. I hope you enjoy your visit.


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