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My Awards

This page displays awards won by Webbnutt Designs. The awards are
linked to the sites that gave them to me. Many thanks to the judges.

Judges please note: all awards are linked if an active link is available.
If you are checking award links and your award is not active that means the link
I was provided with no longer works. Please contact me with
your current website address.

A Woman's Touch
February 2002
3.5 AS rating
Assess Risk
January 2002
site scored 81/100
4.0 AS rating

These awards are not rated, but they are still very much appreciated.
Tabby Gallery Award-no longer active
This award was unsolicited.
Thanks Tabby!
Cyber Tech Award Gold Artsy Award
Winner of the Gold Artsy Award

Gold Award-no longer active Golden Web Award 2001 Golden Web Award 2002

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